Ethics Reporting with ClearView Connects™

An essential tool for all organizations that truly care about protecting organizational integrity.



ClearView Connects™

ClearView Connects™ provides a secure, anonymous and easy-to-use ethics reporting or “whistleblowing” platform for employees and other stakeholders to report incidents of wrongdoing and to express their concerns or suggestions for improvement.

How ClearView Connects™ works


Realize the benefits of ClearView Connects™

 Protect against financial and reputational harm.

 Reduce the cost of misconduct.

 Enhance governance oversight.

 Promote employee engagement.

 Comply with legal requirements.

 Ensure integrity of internal controls.

 Demonstrate commitment to ethical organizational culture.

 Provide a secure channel for employees to speak up.

Choose ClearView Connects™ – the proven solution

Wide accessibility empowers your Reporters. Accessible via the web or toll-free hotline 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from anywhere in the world.

Case management system allows you to address, resolve and store your reports. All data is contained on a single secure platform with search, reporting and dashboard features.

Anonymous two-way dialogue enables you to gather information from your Reporters. Virtual dialogue leads to more effective case resolution while protecting the Reporter’s anonymity.

Multilingual capability supports your business across the globe. Internet reporting system supports multiple languages. Call centre supports over 200 languages.

Indelible audit trail protects your organization. Tamper-proof permanent record is created for all reports.

Turnkey solution allows you to implement quickly and easily. Nothing needs to be installed at your site. No internal IT resources or additional staff required.

Customization provides you with increased flexibility. Customize key features to meet your organizational requirements.

Anonymous reporting capability ensures you are fully compliant with regulatory requirements for audit committee oversight responsibilities.

Secure data storage and encryption protects your sensitive data. Incorporates the latest web security and advanced encryption technology. Data resides in Canada in a certified Tier 3 data centre.

Make ClearView your partner in ethics management

We know what it takes to build a highly effective ethics reporting program. ClearView provides the expertise and advisory services to support your organization’s ethics activities.

Communications and Awareness

Employ our full suite of customizable communications materials to raise awareness and understanding of ethics reporting, a crucial element in an effective program.


Management Reporting

Meet your governance and reporting requirements for senior leadership with the management reporting functions built into the ClearView Connects™ system.

Ethical Climate and Awareness Assessment Surveys

Measure your employees’ perceptions about ethics in the workplace with one of ClearView’s ethical climate surveys. Identify strengths and weaknesses in your ethics program and gain insight for corrective action.

Ethics Training

Use our customizable training materials for employees and managers.

  • Build awareness among employees about ethics reporting
  • Increase employees’ understanding of how and what to report
  • Ensure that managers respond effectively when employees report ethical concerns

Take advantage of ClearView’s webinar training about best practices, offered to those individuals in your organization who review and investigate incoming reports.

Program Review

Engage our advisory team to review your ethics reporting program and practices with a project scale and scope to meet your organization’s unique needs and objectives.


Access our thought-leading research on ethics in the Canadian workplace. One of the key objectives in our research is to provide insight to help our clients improve their ethics reporting programs.

Contact us to learn more about these services.

Bill 132: How ClearView can help you comply with Ontario’s workplace harassment legislation

ClearView Connects™ provides a secure mechanism for your organization to receive, resolve and record harassment reports.


Stakeholders can submit their reports through ClearView Connects™ anytime, anywhere.


Reports are instantly directed to the appropriate authorized and independent reviewer, as determined by your organization.


Reviewers and reporters can correspond securely and anonymously online.


Sort, prioritize and monitor reports based on category and status.


Generate custom management reports for internal and external purposes.


Contact us for more information on how ClearView can help you create a safe and respectful workplace.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does ClearView Connects™ cost?

The annual subscription fee for ClearView Connects™ is based on the number of end users, such as the number of employees in an organization, plus any additional stakeholder groups, such as suppliers or customers. Set-up fees apply for certain customizations. To obtain a price quote for your organization, please contact us.

Who is ClearView Strategic Partners Inc. and what do they do?

ClearView Strategic Partners Inc. is a Canadian company focused on compliance, corporate governance and employee engagement solutions for organizations. We are a privately held company with our head office located in Toronto, Canada. We have additional offices located in Burlington, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec.

How do I make a report?

Making a report is very easy. The system is designed so that a report can be submitted in several different ways. First, a report can be made through ClearView’s web-based system using any computer or mobile device at Second, the ClearView Connects™ system can be accessed by calling the designated toll-free telephone hotline for each organization. Third, a report can be submitted in hard copy by mail to ClearView’s Post Office Box. Finally, ClearView’s hotline can be reached via Skype audio. Please refer to the reporting materials or guides published by each organization for information about how to call the ClearView hotline or mail a report.

What security features does ClearView Connects™ have?

We use the latest version of encryption technology to protect your identity, and our website has a firewall and other security features to protect the information that you are providing in your report. We take information security very seriously.

Is your system run independently from our organization’s technical infrastructure?

Yes, our system runs independently from your organization’s IT infrastructure. ClearView Connects™ is operated on our own secure servers, and can be accessed online via any computer or mobile device at any time, and from anywhere in the world.

What are the benefits of implementing a system like this?

An ethics reporting system offers organizations significant benefits. ClearView Connects™ can provide information to leaders about organizational risk, positively impact employee engagement, reduce the duration and cost of misconduct, enable organizations to meet securities regulations, limit or prevent financial and reputational harm to organization, and contribute to an ethical corporate culture. Our clients confirm this: when surveyed, 87% agree that they receive valuable information they wouldn’t otherwise receive because they have ClearView Connects™.

How does ClearView Connects™ work?

ClearView Connects™ is an ethics reporting/whistleblowing solution that provides a secure, anonymous and confidential way for individuals to raise concerns or report unethical workplace behaviour. The ClearView Connects™ system is designed to protect the identity of individuals making a report. The system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is accessible from anywhere there is a telephone or internet connection, so reports can be submitted when and where the Reporter wants. Once submitted, the report is immediately made available to authorized reviewers within the client organization. The ClearView system has a unique feature that will allow Reporters to engage in a “virtual dialogue” with the authorized reviewers, without requiring the Reporter to reveal their identity.

How does the ClearView Connects™ system comply with securities regulations?

National Instrument 52-110 and Section 301.4 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act require all publicly listed companies traded in the US and Canada to: “Establish procedures for the receipt, retention, and treatment of complaints received regarding accounting, internal accounting controls, or auditing matters; and handling the confidential, anonymous submission by company employees of concerns regarding questionable accounting or auditing matters”. The ClearView Connects™ system meets and exceeds all the requirements within these pieces of legislation.

What are the advantages of using a third-party provider over an in-house solution?

There are primarily three advantages offered by third party providers like ClearView Connects™.

1. Anonymity. Third party solutions offer additional assurances that reports are anonymous, secure, and confidential to Reporters who may be apprehensive about coming forward to report. This can improve trust in the process and lead to more open and candid reporting. In a recent survey, 97% of our clients confirmed that an independent ethics reporting system was an effective practice in their organization.

2. Value. To organizations investing in a system, ClearView Connects™ offers exceptional value for money. The cost of providing an internal system with equivalent functionality and with similar security features would be far more expensive. ClearView has invested significantly in the system, including 24/7/365 hotline access, extensive multi-lingual capabilities, and industry-leading data security.

3. Experience. ClearView has over a decade of experience providing this service to clients. Over that time, we have continually improved our solution to ensure an easy to use, customizable system with a high degree of functionality that has been tailored to meet your organization’s needs.

Why should my organization choose ClearView Connects™?

There are a number of significant reasons why we believe the ClearView solution is the right choice for any organization.

Security: Security is of paramount importance to us at ClearView. We have gone to incredible lengths to ensure that our system is the most secure ethics reporting system available anywhere.

Our Singular Focus: By specializing in the things that we do exceptionally well and not attempting to be ‘all things to all people’, we provide the best ethics reporting services available in the marketplace.

The Most Powerful Solution: We believe that we have created the most robust and comprehensive system available anywhere.

A Canadian-Based Solution: Our solution is fully resident in Canada, providing assurance to clients concerned by data access rights under the US Patriot Act.

Experience: ClearView has been providing this service since 1997, and has a wealth of experience to bring to any client relationship.

Is this system only available to employees?

The ClearView system is highly scalable and very flexible. It is possible to set up your program to include individuals in addition to employees, such as suppliers, contractors, consultants, customers, and even stakeholders and constituent groups.