Privacy Policy

In 2000, the federal government of Canada enacted The Protection of Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”). Effective January 1, 2004, all organizations that collect, use or disclose personal information in the course of their commercial activities will be subject to PIPEDA or substantially similar provincial legislation (collectively, “privacy legislation”).

Briefly stated, privacy legislation requires that the consent of an individual be obtained for the collection and use of his or her personal information; that steps be taken to protect personal information and that one or more individuals be appointed to monitor compliance with the provisions of applicable privacy legislation.

ClearView Strategic Partners Inc. (“ClearView”) is committed to controlling the collection, use and disclosure of personal information provided by its partners, employees and customers and has adopted this Privacy Policy to ensure the accuracy, confidentiality and integrity of such personal information.

With respect to its customers, ClearView collects, uses and discloses information of its customers – including personal information provided to ClearView by its customers or on behalf of its customers – only in accordance with the instruction of the customer.

When you share personal information with ClearView, that information will be used only in direct connection with the purpose for which it was provided. ClearView will only collect that information which is necessary to carry out the purpose for which it is collected, and shall only keep such information for so long as is necessary. If additional use of your information is required, ClearView will specifically ask your approval. ClearView will not share your personal information with a third party unless your specific approval is provided, or unless ClearView is required to disclose your personal information in response to a court order or other legal obligation, and ClearView will then only do so in accordance with the provisions of the privacy legislation. ClearView will, within 30 days of your request, allow you to review your personal information.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact ClearView’s Chief Privacy Officer at +1.416.481.9167 or, within North America, toll-free at 1.866.337.8369.